Kodi builds similar to Xenon Matrix

I was forced to reset my MeCool KM1 box due to issues. But now am unable to redownload the Xenon Matrix 9.5 build which I loved. I understand it is no longer available? Then I checked builds and wanted to try No Limits Magic but that seems to be having issues. I want a build similar to Xenon Matrix. Any suggestions?

Has anyone else had problems with downloading and installing No Limits Magic?

When you say Xenon Matrix i am guessing you are referring to the Diggz Build for kodi 19 (Matrix). Its been a while so i dont remember what they called the Build back then.

Unfortunately for now they (Diggz) are no longer offering a build for Kodi 20 (Nexus) versions. There is a kid version offered but not what most people are looking for.

You can download Kodi 21 RC2 (Omega) from Downloader. Its not a finished release but its been working pretty well so far for me. From there you can DL the Diggz Xenon 2 (Debrid Only) Build. It is very similar to previous builds but has a different look to it. Most if not all of the previous features are there.

I am hopeful they will offer the Xenon Plus Build for Omega as well.

To get the wizard DL http://diggz1.me/diggzrepo


Thanks so much. I really love that Diggs build, it’s a shame it’s not available anymore. I wish I had saved the installation file to a thumb drive or something.


What builds are alternative to Diggz since they’re not Kodi Nexus anymore and with going to debrid, too?
I really liked Diggz. And I dont like any of the other builds.

Search on TP. He has a list of builds and how to load them.

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I installed Kodi 21 and the only choices were Xenon 1.1. I didn’t see a choice for Diggz Xenon 2.

Look again. It says Diggz Xenon 2 ×debrid only× version 1.1


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