Kodi Builds: I'm Curious

I’m just curious. I’m really not trying to be a jerk. What is the draw for most people to use builds?

I personally have never had to use anything other than stock Kodi with The Crew add-on and real-debrid. I don’t think I’ve ever run into an issue finding the movie or show I’m looking for. I do use partymode to automatically launch the crew when Kodi starts. And within the crew I disabled all the menu items except for movies, shows, tools, and search.

Is there a need for the multiple add-ons that builds provide?
Do people use builds for IPTV?
Is it just because the skins look cool?
Is it because installing a build is easier/faster than installing individual add-ons?

I’m interested in hearing the feedback. Maybe there’s something I’ve been missing all this time.

I look forward to seeing the responses you get, because I’ve wondered the same thing Jayhawks659.
Have a great day.

I also stopped using builds. I did for a few years when I first cord cut, but as I got more experienced with Kodi, I stopped using them. I used them at first because I thought it was easier to just install a build and have a bunch of addons all in one place. Once I realized how much free space they take up, got more experienced with Kodi, and saw that I only used a couple addons exclusively within the build, I decided to just install the addons I used. I think it is easier to maintain them and I do not have to rely on build developers to keep up with their build. Just my two cents.

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I get the idea behind builds but i agree with you.

I don’t see the need when you can just install a few addons and use less resources.

I think people enjoy just having a custom setup on there kodi but it’s a unnecessary resource hogg in my opinion.

So I can only speak for myself on this, so take it for what it’s worth.
I for the longest time strictly used individual APK’s and an IPTV service. I recently switched to a build because I got tired of IPTV services getting shut down and having to search for another. I like that the build I use has all the APK’s that I loaded individually already installed and it is regularly updated. I really don’t have trouble finding what I want to watch, whether live TV or TV shows or movies as there are plenty of add-ons to find it. I do used real-debrid so buffering isn’t an issue and I have my streaming device hardwired directly so streaming for me isn’t an issue. As far as the skin and look of the build, it’s cool, but, I don’t use it strictly for that reason. It’s that it has everything I want all in one place without individually loading it. Nothing more. I will say, if there is a drawback is that the build are large and consume a big chunk of memory, but I rountinely monitor and disable anything that I don’t need. So I find it a pretty good experience.


i like the zenon build it has everything you could want i like the networks section makesit easy to find some shows i use the verison that requires real debrid and it works great i am using the fire cube and storage has never been an issue little by little i am replacing my firesticks with the cube

Do you mean for browsing new shows you’ve never seen, or for searching shows you’ve already started?

either or works for me

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