Kodi Build Keeps Disappearing

Hello. I have installed the Diggz Matrix Build multiple times on our Firestick (Kodi). It works for about a week and then the Build just disappears. I even re-set the FireStick to Factory default settings and started built it back from scratch. Same thing happened again. Any ideas what could be the problem? Thanks!


Make sure you have enough space and clear your cache.

But the whole app shouldn’t just uninstall, does it shut down? Space maybe a factor or overheat.

If the app is Uninstalling it self that is strange. I’d check for virus and malware.

Does it happen after a Amazon update?

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Thank you for your reply! I apologize for the delay in responding.

I will definitely check on the available space and see if some space can be cleared.

Kodi will still open. However once it is open the Build is gone and the home screen comes up like it does when Kodi is first installed. It is very bizarre and has now happened at least five different times on two different Amazon fire stick devices. The add-ons can still be used by accessing them through the “Add-Ons” menu.

Do you know how to check for virus or malware?

The firestick is a couple of years old. Not sure if both should be replaced. Thank you again for your thoughts.

If you have Troy’s Rapid App Installer you can get VirusTotal installed from it.


It sounds like a space issue. Builds take up alot of space I think it’s restoring to factory because there is no space for jt.

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