Kodi black screen

I keep having to reinstall Kodi, set up The Crew, and put in my Real Debrid account as every time I go to Kodi all I get is a black screen

How are you installing KODI? Use Downloader code 250931 to Install the Troypoint Toolbox then install KODI from there. Should Fix you all up then reinstall the Crew and Reauthorize RD

I added a keyboard type mouse to one of my setups today. When I went to Kodi I had a black screen. I don’t know for sure that it was related. I then moved Kodi from my usb storage and put it back onto the device. Kodi worked great after that.

How do I put Kodi onto a USB?

If you have your USB attached and your device recognizes it, you would go thru settings, select addons, hold the button down on Kodi and select to move it from there. I am a “pre-rookie” as I am still waiting to start streaming. If that doesn’t work, look at Troy’s How To for attaching storage. I am pretty sure there is that explanation in that set-up.

Kodi 20.2 Not Launching & Frozen on the Kodi Emblem Screen using FireStick Max.
2cd time I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall. Plays fine for several days then refuses to launch.
I use the estuary screen and do have around 25 Tv series in favorites?
Any help would be appreciated. Pain in butt reinstalling all my favs.

Not sure what’s going on with your KODI setup but have you considered getting Trakt TV? It’s cloud based so when you have to do a new install of KODI all you need to do is Reauthorize your Trakt credentials in KODI and all your shows/movies will be there

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Thank you for the feed back.
Yes, I have Trakt… Not sure, but maybe I’m saving to many favorites and adding too much data.
Going to monitor it this time to see how much data I’m adding to my favs. Never had this issue with my cube, so I’m of the mind that I may be adding to much data on my stick.

Love Trakt, I’ve had them from the git go of my streaming back in 2015.

Thanks a bunch Mark and have a great day of it.

Ok I might be missing something here. If you are using Trakt then what are you saving to favorites and why? Trakt is meant to replace favorites and since it’s cloud based you can get your shows/movies on any device

sorry I’ve never run into a situation where someone is using Trakt and Favorites for what appears to be the same thing


I’m saving Tv series show to my favorites. Those that I watch regularly. This makes it easier and quicker to pull up the series I’m watching and episode.

check how much space you have left on the stick

As long as I leave my Kodi running it runs perfectly. However, it’s when I close the app and relaunch is when it freezes.

sounds like its a space problem

I’ve plenty of memory on both my cube and stick and they run great as long as I leave Kodi running. It’s when I close and then relaunch that it freezes up?

maybe a corupted file in your kodi worth downloading new kodi

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Thank you pirate for responding…
I’ve 711 Free memory for the FireCube max / 852 Free Memory on my Firestick. The Open Wizard I installed is showing no corrupted files. While Kodi’s running it plays great. It’s when I close it, and attempt to relaunch Kodi is when it freezes up…

I’ve used Max sticks and programmed about 150 of them for ppl. 852Mbs of free space isn’t enough imho. I set mine and my customers up with 1.5Gbs for problem free streaming. Kodi adds data at an alarming rate and can swallow up 800Mbs in a heck of a hurry.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!


My Firebox X is showing I have 4.2 Gb left and in my kodi build system information its showing 711Mb.
I don’t understand why there is a difference.