Kodi Auto Update

Last night Kodi auto updated from the play store to version Kodi 20. I turned it on and it was migrating all my add ons. Once it was done I started it up and it worked perfect. All addons (about 12) worked with no issues. Watched a movie on Adina and a basketball game on Mad Titan Sports. The only difference I noticed is that is a lot faster that 19.4. Things load really fast. I didn’t realize it was back on the play store, so beware of auto update.

I’ve just updated to 20 on Android phone, the only ones that doesn’t play is Asgard &Ghost, it will find the streams but not playing on new movies, old movies are okay.

Working ok on the following// Magic dragon, Asgard (sports) Crew, LOOP, Promise, highlander, Nightwing, Fido, Moria, Rising tides, Sport hd, Mad titan…


Same here , did notice the subs are not working properly !

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