Kodi app storage huge

When I view my installed apps and check Kodi, it shows 883MB. Application size is 147MB and Data is 736MB. I have The Crew, The Oath and Venom as add ons. I compared it to a friend’s set up and he has 147MB APPLICATION and only 155MB for data. The only difference is he does not have The Oath. Is there a way to eliminate this excessive amount of data? Everything I have installed sort of piggy backed on the apps themselves. Thank you.

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Hi @umgawa1952
Yes, you can uninstall the ones that you don’t use, or for that matter, any app that you aren’t using, they are just, like you said bogging the performance down. Keep your stick cleaned up, clear cache. You can use the DeBloater App found on the @TROYPOINT RAI to disable the Amazon installed stuff. All will help increase your available storage.


When I look at My Add Ons in Kodi and select all, it shows me a bunch of add ons. The vast majority are part of Venom, the crew and the oath and they cannot be uninstalled. Am I looking in the right spot. I do clear cache quite often but I am down to only 600mb of space left.

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So, from what I understand you are describing, you are looking at the add-ons repository. The repository is like a vault. It holds many other add-ons. So for example, the Crew add-on also has other ads-ons it’s repository such as SSTV. Unless you specifically add those through the video add-on function, in addition to the Crew, they are not installed onto your device. You should be ok.
Might I suggest, start off with one of your add-ons, and delete the others. Use it with real debrid along with the other maintenance you do, and see if you get better performance.
Come back here and update us, and if you have other questions.

Do you have a build installed? Or did you start with just plain Kodi and install the 3 add-ons individually?

When you clear cache are you doing it through your device settings, or are you going into the tools menu within each add-on and hitting “clear all cache” from there?

That is correct, the additional add ons do not appear to be installed rather in stand by mode. I have other friends who have a very similar setup with much more space still available.

I do not have a build, just Kodi along with the add ons. Normally I clear cache by going into applications. It normally shows about 90mb for Kodi so i always clear that. I am not sure if that 90mb includes the 3 add ons. I also use the task killer app I downloaded from the TP RAI. Thanks for responding.

I’m just curious if there’s different types of cache that aren’t being cleared by the system settings. Maybe try going into each add-on and clearing all cache from there and see if the results are different. Trial and error is how we usually figure this stuff out.

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I did that immediately after you suggested it in the earlier post. No noticeable difference. What is weird is I have a friend with a very similar set up with the exception of he does not have the oath and his Kodi data is only 155mb compared to my 700+ mb.

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