Kodi addons slowdown

Success Tuesday I’ve had major issues with addons…Kodi loads up fast, as usual. But any movie, tv show I chick on in all apps, takes almost one minute to get to next screen… I’m using fire cube and firestick 4kmax… I’ve never had issues like this in over 7 years using it… Restarting all, even factory reset Amazon devices… Same issue… Could be my Verizon router… Ping is good, dl is 345,ul 325… No interference…I don’t get it… Any help would be greatly appreciated…
It seems like the downloading part is the issue… Downloaded a couple things from troypoints and took a while to get to install screen… I’m out of answers, help

Are you using a build or a addon? Are you cleaning out cache on your devices and doing routine clean up on your hardware?


I’m using diggs portal interface…addons: Ezra, umbrella and the promise…I have ez maintenance cleaning… I’ve never had any problems… All of a sudden… Everything loads on widgets on main screen, first screen on all addons loads fast… But any movie etc I chick takes minute or 2… Then click play, just tried movie chick play from here and took 4.5 minutes to start playing… When it plays it’s perfect, no buffering at all… What could make all addons have issues at one point?

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