Kodi Addons slow loading

Hey guys,

I need some help! My kodi has been working fine until the last few days. It’s all updated and I use a FireStick. Addons such as the crew, seren etc is slow loading? And when it does open and I click a category it takes ages to load?

Wonder any suggestions? I’ve tried clearing the cache, reinstalling etc

In my humble opinion, kodi is like gardening. It teaches one patience. I’ve found that that app creators fix their apps. I assume they want them to work as badly as you and I. I also noticed the lag, but mostly my Nvidia Shield Pro has it sorted.
Years ago, kodi was shown to me as a ‘hobby’. I’ve tried to treat it as such. Not perfect.

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Using the Crew and 9Lives in 3 Builds /Forks on my android Box and not experiencing any lags. Several posts here about Firesticks getting bloated at times due to lack of storage space but I don’t have a stick so not able to assist although several others here do

Do maintenance like you you’ve done, just do a restart on your stick and modem. Not sure if you’re using real debrid or not if so check and make sure it’s active. Check your vpns locations and protocols try different ones. Hope this helps

Many thanks for your help. I will try later on today :slight_smile:

Space and resources are limited on a Firestick, especially if you have Kodi on it. I would do your regular maintenance like @Throttlejockey mentioned, and uninstall any unused apps that you can. I would also regularly “force stop” apps as you move onto the next app, so they don’t continue in the background. You can also manually clear cache or there is a tool by Techdoctor UK that helps with the whole stick at once.

It is doing what you’re saying, started for me about 2 nites ago, everything is cleaned up. Kodi, Seren also here

Happening on a Firestick?

Mine has been noticeably slower since updating to 20. I even started from scratch with no build or skins. Not taking forever, but it has taken 20-30 seconds to pull up thumbnails for trending movies or shows.

Seems like more and more people are complaining about this. I’m trying to find a common theme as to why, but it could be as simple as Kodi 20?

Maybe the stable version isn’t as stable as they thought for prime time?

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Yeah, idk. I still had some issues with the TP 19.5 fork though. I’ll see if I can find an archived version of regular Kodi 19 and test it out again.

I’m running Kodi 20 on a Build and I also have the KODI 20 Troypoint fork with just The Crew and 9Lives Addons. I have not experienced any noticeable lag on either when launching KODI, nor searching/playing TV shows or Movies from when I had 19. Hardware is T95Z Plus Android box

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