Kodi Addons not working

I have the crew, homelander, and seren add-ons. I have been using these for a few years now, with and without builds. I currently am using the Aspire build.
Yesterday, everything quit working. I could open the build and addons
, click on movies, but no loading. I re-authorised everything with real-debris. Did not help.
Any ideas?

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Hmmm, I have been using Crew and Homelander in a Build for many years. My first thought is that something may be broken in the Build that is preventing the Addons working but hard to say. I do know that both the Crew and Homelander are currently working. So you could try to reinstall the Build to see if that works. If Not and it was me I’d use another Build (I can recommend a Build Group I’ve been with for 5 years) OR just install the Addons without a Build

Appreciate the reply.
I have used many builds over the years. Now I am using a build and stand alone addons. Something yesterday made me think it was my streamer, so tomorrow I am getting a new Nvidia and will install everything fresh. Right now it is a puzzle. I have never had this happen. I will first try just the addons because that is easiest and quickest. Oh, and I checked to confirm that my real-debrid and vpn were still in force.

Check best buy for nvidia shield. They were on sale recently (not on amazon)

Crew is working for me. Don’t use the other two.

Did you make sure auto update was set? Maybe the addons are outdated.

I’ll let you know if I fix it.

I’m using FT4KMAX. I just installed the newest stable version of Kodi and it works very well. HOWEVER, Crew is not working properly. Sure it installs and plays links. But what is really messed up with it is category searching. For instance, searching Movies/Genre/Horror generates pages of links, but are wildly inconsistent and the majority of them are in red and are movies which have release dates months and even years in the future. There is no filter option to choose a range of dates, or even sort them (the ascending/descending option does nothing). I tried other Genres and they all produce the same useless results. This same fault was happening in an earlier 19.5 Matrix Kodi version, which was why I updated to the newest stable Nexus version. Searching for a specific movie will work, but without a reliable category option, Crew has now become almost worthless. Very sad and disappointing because Crew used to be my go-to addon.

Go into KODI settings, addons, addon settings . Then verify that it’s set to update "all add-ons ". I’ve had mine switch back to default settings several times. Not sure how it happened but it’s worth checking into. Eventually if the add-ons don’t update they won’t work. Good luck :crossed_fingers: