Kodi addons for free streaming

Is there one kodi add on that would have Netflix, Hulu, etc? I do not use real debrid only because they canceled for no reason

Once your subscription is up, Real Debrid stops providing service without notifying the customer it is time to renew. When my streaming stops working I always check the Real Debrid site to see if I have to renew. Real Debrid is definitely worth the $3 a month that a 6 month subscription costs. Directly to your question, anything on Netflix or Hulu can be played easily through Kodi.

thx I paid for 6 months and only played around with real debrid for about a week and they shut me down. I do like kodi and only using addons, but the Numbers add on has netflix, hulu, etc, but not their entire library.With kodi I dont know if all those paid streaming sites were available for free

It shouldn’t have canceled for no reason.

It would if the time ran out.

The crew and oath are great addons. With venom plus siren plus real debrid all your Netflix and Disney will be on there.

Grindhouse has great well maintained KODI builds with excellent addons. You can find whatever you are looking for. The developers have been there for years and keep everything well maintained

I’m new to the Firestick. I have Kodi installed. How do I get to Grindhouse?

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Here you go. They also have a great Facebook Group I would suggest subscribing to that as well

Thanks, MarkxG!. This is an exciting new world. I have followed Troy through his tutorial on inserting a USB drive to the Firestick, so I have plenty of room to install these with a 256gig stick.

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