Kodi addon concerts

Can anyone suggest a kodi addon for concerts. I’ve tried a few I searched for but they weren’t working anymore. Diggz build had them but I’d rather have an addon and it appears diggz is going down. Thanks in advance

The last time I used Asgard it had pretty good concert section.

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I’ll check it out, thanks

Just downloaded and it does still have concerts under “Asgard Music Section”

Just installed and adding real debrid now. Thanks again

Exactly what I was looking for. Install and debrid went well but I tried a few and " failed to play, check log" maybe not available, I’ll try some more and see if I can find some and check the log for more info

House music works but tried several concerts with no success. Don’t know where the log is, still looking. Seems like the perfect app if it works. I’ll let you know

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Diggz is back.https://troypoint.com/?s=Diggz So you may be able to use what you did before.

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I deleted it cuz I was looking for an addon instead of a build but maybe need to use it again. I like CREW, built in but really wanted an addon. No complaint just prefer

Crew is a good one, but getting a lot of new ones so check out Troy’s list

FYI I installed ukturk addon and it’s working well. Watching Sade concert now.