Kodi _ Additional Set-Up Advice

Hi All [Happy New Year]

Looking for some advice on setting up within Kodi. On the left side pic I’ve highlighted in red, there are TV and Radio options. Am I able to set-up or link IPTV services etc to these. I have TheCrew and also looking into Tivimate etc, but I wondered if I could load TV or Radio directly from these buttons?



Look up “speeding up Kodi” by Jayhawk. You’ll find a very good set up for Kodi


Thanks, I will do :+1:


Took a few forward steps on my own after some research. Okay, so I now know the TV option is usable once I set up a PVR Client and then direct it to my IPTV provider etc. Still a lot of learning to get the best from my Firestick, Kodi, Addons and APK’s…so I best get a strong coffee and get my head around it! :grin:

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