Kodi add ons freezing

I updated kodi to 19 and installed a few add ons crew, genocide, etc. when I open the app to add real debrid everything freezes??? This is for all my kodi apps. I can go back to the Home Screen but have to force stop to get back into kodi I have restarted and unplugged. Frustrated! Suggestions? Firestick 4K

It sounds like a problem with the Firestick 4K. I use Kodi 19.4 on my android box, which I just installed last weekend along with The Crew, The Promise, and Nightwings. I have had zero problems at all authorizing with Real Debrid. Miki would be the person to get an answer from. He is the Firestick expert on this forum board. Sorry I couldn’t be of any help. Miki will definitely help you. Good luck and happy streaming.

I had and used Matrix 19.4 since it was released. It worked well on my Max for weeks then suddenly I had issues as well. I uninstalled everything, then reinstalled Kodi from Troy’s RAI and reloaded the Mad Titan addon as I was mostly interested in sports. I never could get it to work with The Mad Titan again. So as I can get my material elsewhere I deleted Kodi completely. I have high hopes for the 20. that’s coming out, but find it odd that this release is coming hot on the heels of the 19.4. For now, I’m staying Kodi free.

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I am not real good at Kodi as a stand alone, but after I install Kodi I run builds. I have tried several and in my opinion Diggz Xenon is the best one and the one I always use. I am running Kodi 19.4 on a Firestick 4k Max Xenon build 8.3. After Diggz 8.2 came out there were a few apps that were not working or installing. A couple of days later 8.3 came out and everything is running perfectly. I also have it installed on my Nvidia Shield.

I’ve heard Diggz is a top quality build but then I don’t use builds, as there is so much in there that is a waste of time for me.

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I would mind trying Kodi without the build. Any vids that you could recommend on doing this?

Instal troy’s RAI

using the downloader app.
Then there is a kodi matrix 19.4 in there for you to download/install, then find any addon you want and follow the instructions. Like the following:


Thx everyone I have tried to uninstall and do an new install, to no avail it just freezes when I open the add on. I believe it’s the actual firestick. On sale now on Amazon


You have to many apps running in background you should use Fast Task Killer to free som memory. This will prevent freezing issues.

This is a quick way to close apps running in the background and free up processing power and available RAM Memory.

Here is the link from TP manual how to install and use. This is very small app with low memory use with just one click to run.

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