Kodi - add-on required: metahandler

When I start up Kodi a pop-up screen comes up and tells me an add-on is required: metahandler. I just want to know if it is safe to go ahead and install the suggested add-on. Any info is appreciated.

Yes, most add ons install that as a prerequisite.

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Thanks. This doesn’t seem to solve the problem I’ve been experiencing: a well known news network used to work fine through the sports section on LiveNet and then USTVGO but it has suddenly stopped working, it “failed to play”. Trying to troubleshoot this but I am a total greenhorn and not sure what is the problem. I considered uninstalling Kodi and then reinstalling it but who knows if that will resolve the issue. I certainly don’t. Looking for any advice I can get my hands on.
Thanks in advance.

From the research I’ve done, even though I don’t use Kodi any more, it stated that this would happen if an ad on was not updated.


Can set kodi to auto update

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Thanks Dracoo. I tried finding the kodi settings to set it to updated automatically but I can find it. Any tips?


Each time you install a add on there is a option below where you click install also says auto update.

Go to addons
Video addons
Click your add on
Should see the bottom row and you can choose to auto update the application or turn it off.

You can also get a addon to auto update all as well.


Thanks for the tip, much appreciated.

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