Kodi add on night wing

the add-on is not compatible with this version of Kodi” (I have 19.3), and then another that says, “the dependency on xbmc.python version 2.1.0 could not be satisfied”. Does anyone happen to know how to fix this?

The only way to use this particular addon, since it is not compatible with KODI 19, is to install Kodi 18.9 instead. Otherwise, you have to only install addons that are compatible with Kodi 19. Most addons will have which Kodi they are compatible with stated in the repository.

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Hi. I think you have asked the same question in another topic, but the topic was solved and closed before you get your answer, here the link again. Pls as mentioned earlier before opening a new topic. First you can search for the answer in search field above the topics.

TP list for the best kodi add-ons.
Best Kodi Add-ons

But it says it compatible with kodi 19 in the list of add ons

Never mind I’m using 19.3 matrix, not updating to 19.4 til I know for sure it works. But having kodi 19 next to these Addons is misleading


Well I’m using it on kodi 19.4 and it works like a sharm the best thing to do is uninstalled and reinstalled according to TP manual it should work.

How did you install Kodi 19.4 from RAI or from the internet. Because myself first installed from the internet I had to many problems with installing add-ons.

I had to removing it and installed new Kodi 19.4 from RAI and working fine, never had any problems when installing add-ons.

I think the issue here is the update from 19.3 to 19.4 the best thing to do is clean install like I did.

Because Oath quit I decided to restore to factory specs. I updated from 19.2 to 19.4. Tried The Promise again & no content to download. Tried several addons from narcacist repo. They work but they don’t have any information for the movie or actor information. Never had luck with RD so quit paying for it. I use trakt to keep track of what I watch & what season & episode i’m at. Always use a VPN. I installed Nightwing & it works perfect just like The Oath did. I am very happy to find an addon that works like The Oath. Hope this helps others.

I’ve been hesitating updating to 19.4, but may have to. Heard all good about night wing , wish could say the same for 19.4, cuz my 19.3 matrix is fine with crew and seren

I had 19.4 and the Crew worked famously. @Jayhawks659 posted a guide to setting the Crew up and I followed it to the letter. Worked just like he said. I no longer use it, but I did test out Nightwing and Mad Titan as well as Open Wizard. All worked perfectly. 4K Max Firestick.

Yes I have my crew set up as per Jayhawks too. Guess later tonite I’ll try to put 19.4 up, if I have problems I’ll put 19.3 back on. Thx Miki

No problem With troy’s RAI you can do a seperate install of Matrix 19.4 as well as leave you’re working 19.3 alone.

Uninstalled 19.3, complete install of 19.4, crew and seren. Went back and did setting per Jayhawks video, might put nightwing on there and see if it’s that or seren I keep.

Excellent. Good on you. You’ll be handing out advice before ya know it. Nightwing was great for TV and Movies. Worked great, but I have Stremio and have given up on Kodi for now as I have to many projects on the go. Stay with it.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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