Kodi 21.0 Omega Super Favourites Error

I keep getting an error for Super Favourites on live TV. Does anyone have a way to fix this issue? I’m not a wiz kid so plain and simple instructions are needed. Thank You

Not a wiz kid either. I try to learn and remember as I go.

What are you trying to do?

This is something people use to configure kodi to have their own setup, right? I dont really know anything about it but can try to help. I always see the “Save as Super Favorites” but never knew what it does because it doesn’t show up in my Favorites section after i select it. I’ll try to learn something new. I think the build developer takes care of this for me.

What version of SF are you using? The build i use has 2.3.7. Version 2.0.10 was also available.

What is the error you are getting?

Anything you want me to try to do and see if it works on my kodi?

Let me know and hopefully someone with more knowledge can help you.