Kodi 20 RC 2 Released Today

The Kodi devs are inching closer to a stable release of Kodi 20!

They released RC 2 today and here’s how to install it with the TROYPOINT Toolbox.


Will I lose my 19.4 If I gives this a test run?


I did… It runs and takes over 19.4


Thanks,for this.I won’t bother it for now.

Are there even any Addons for 20 yet? I usually wait for a Stable point release and for the Dev’s to optimize their addons/create new ones for a major release


Xenon Nexus 20 9.4.1

Agree with this. I wouldn’t change Kodi versions until that version is the stable release and developers have had time to make sure the add-ons work as well as they do with 19.4. It takes time, but it’s cool to know that it is in the works.

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I am using TPs 19.4 Fork w/ Xenon Matrix 19.4 v9.4.1 while checking out Kodi Nexus 20 RC 2.


Just saw that Diggz Xenon Nexus 20 v9.5 for Kodi Nexus 20 is out. Dnldg now will comment on its performance in a couple days!

Dont expect perfection. The best choice would be to wait for a stable copy and more updated addons. But dont hurt to try.

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Unfortunately Diggz nolonger has Matrix build for Kodi Matrix 19. They only have Nexus 20 build now. I know that Kodi Nexus 20 is not stable! Go figure. Luckily I have Diggz Matrix 19 on my TP 19.4 Fork ;0). I am trying to see if Diggz Nexus 20 Build works w/Kodi 19.4 on my Surface Pro.

I downloaded diggs zenon at first with 20, but it kept crashing. So, I switched to the Crewnique build and am watching the NFL team I follow as I write this reply, and it hasn’t crashed since I downloaded it :grinning::ok_hand::+1:. Would definitely suggest trying it.

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