Kodi 20 Auto Update...Stop!

Using Nvidia Shield & recently my Kodi auto updated to 20. I was like cool, a new one. But it doesn’t read my drives that are connected to my Shield. After hours of frustration, i uninstall & use Troypoint guide to download 19.5. After setting up my media, everything works great. All files are read. After a few days of not using it, i turn it on & it says Kodi 20 preparing for first run. Some thumbnails are there, but not all. Even trying to click on one, it says it cannot play it. Uninstall again & reinstall 19.5 & its perfect. I turned off updates, or at least i thought i did, & it started up to 20 again & library doesn’t work.
What gives? Am i missing something with 20? Am i missing something on 19.5 to keep it from updating?
I like the Kodi interface for my media library, but should i use something else for my local storage? I use VLC to just play something i eant to see now.
Thanks in advance for any help and/or suggestions.

Yes, need to turn iff auto update in the settings

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My preference for kodi is on a box by itself…but thats just me…I can get all messed up and turn it off and back to my shield :rofl:. Something you might be interested in is LibreELEC.
That is my next project :grimacing:


Only place i know to do that is thru the Play Store, so i just did that. I’ll see how that works for now. Thanks.

Ok. I dont know much about that, but I’ll try checking into it. Thx.

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