Kodi 20 Addons (Tested & Working)


Thanks again!
Fortunately, my two current gotos are on your list: Artemis and Fen.

All you hard core kodi peeps should dive in to libreelec. Its pretty cool and a dedicated system just for kodi.

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I goggled it and read a bit of the wiki and still not sure what it is? Is it for running KODI on Linux supported devices or something else? Can you give me an example of a practical use for this? Thanks


Ive only just started reading up on it but my take is its an operating system made for kodi and they are very active in development. The latest build came out with the new kodi build. You would install this either to a pc, or android device however its not an app but rather an operating system dedicated to kodi.

What is LibreELEC? How to use the LibreELEC OS for Kodi | Comparitech

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Thanks definitely interested. Will check out what you sent

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Wow, two of those incompatible add-ons (The Crew and Asgard) are my “go-to” addons. I hope the developers update them soon!

You probably already have the team-crew repository on your device.

Homelander is available there. It would be easy to install it for you & Homelander at one time ws my favorite.

I tried The Crew on Kodi20. It runs and seems like the VOD works fine, but doesnt seem to have the IPTV/Sports working.

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Your not going to have much luck with Live Sports/IPTV on KODI

The Crew will get worked out for 20 soon I’m sure. Meanwhile, I have not tested it but Troy had 9Lives on his addon list. This is an excellent KODI Addon

As mentioned above, The Crew is working on 20.

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I used it on a Raspberry Pi 4. Worked well, but I moved to Firesticks.

I think for many of us hard core Kodi folks, Mad Titan compatibility is a must. Hopefully soon.

Also, The Crew was added to the working list, but some of the features still aren’t working in Kodi '20. IPTV for example. Will keep an eye on it…and Mad Titan too.

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Downloaded the 20 Fork from the Toolbox last night. Installed 9Lives, authorised RD and Trakt. Works great

I tried to update from the 19.4 version and when I got to the “Install” the page came up stating the download would not change anything. When I selected install a message immediately came up stating the app was not installed. Tried several times with the same results.

Yes, I also look forward to a update for Mad Titan Sports!

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Upgraded this morning on my FS max.
Crew working (but not it’s iptv)
Mad Titan working (everything)
Ezra working
Open Wizard working
Magic Dragon working
Iptv simple working

Yes, Mad Titan Sports still not updated as far as I can tell for now.

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