Kodi 20.4 Release - Fixes, Features, & How to Update

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Kodi 20.4 is now available as the stable release of Kodi and the final version before the platform updates to Kodi 21 Omega. Kodi 20.3 was originally planned to be the final release before Omega, however, the development team had a few improvements to make before the next big step. Provided below are all of…

loaded new kodi 20.4 all working fine no app problems

Problem on Android devices. On the ONN Google box, the ‘select’ button does not work. There’s doesn’t appear to be a patched version yet.

Update, 11 Feb 20:55 UTC

We’re aware of some (at this time) non-specific “input issues” on Android - buttons not working properly, for example - so we’ve halted the deployment for now until we understand more. We would also advise against anyone installing manually unless you know how to roll back. Please bear with us while we isolate and squash the offending bug.


Thought i was going crazy, or crazier lol.

Thanks for mentioning this. I almost started a thread.

For anyone looking for a temporary solution. Download TP Fork 20.3 and use that for now. Unless I am mistaken, you can’t undo the update. Unless you want to delete 20.4 and install 20.3. But you will lose all saved data.

There are ways to roll back to 20.3, but it’s probably not worth the effort as any ‘improvements’ in 20.4 aren’t worth the effort. So if you want 20.4 wait for the patch IMO.

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I just deleted and installed 20.3 since i use a build. Just need to reauthorize RD and Trakt.

There are probably people here that might want to try to roll back to save their personal set up. Is it difficult/tedious?