Kodi 20.2 & New TROYPOINT Fork Available

Kodi 20.2 is now available and is considered the stable release.

I’ve also created a new Kodi 20.2 Fork for you as well. The Fork allows for users to run multiple instances of Kodi on the same device.



Thank you Troy. I seen it in the toolbox today. My friend mailed me a few of his Nvidias to set up for him I’ll put w regular Kodi and a fork on each one since he has storqge space to spare. Thank you :pray:


I DL the new kodi to update, it goes through just fine for the kodi apk, but how do I send the update to the Kodi fork apk? From the Downloader? Thanks!

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Hello, the Kodi forks don’t update and we do that on purpose so you can install multiple instances of each fork. When you install the new Kodi 20.2 Fork it will be a clean install. Some people like this and some wish it would just update from the previous. Maybe I need to do a poll to see what everyone wants.

Did you say poll? :joy: Okay, I for one who always loves the forks would love to have the updateable (if that’s a word) option.

So if I delete kodi fork, then redownload, it will be with dl the kodi 20.1? Just as a new install? Thanks

I set up the new 20.2 Fork and like it. However, Def Squid detected 2 malicious patterns in it. I’m using Fen and Open Subtitles only. Should I be concerned?

nope, defsquid is a false positive generator.