Kodi 20.1 inconsistant startup

Ever since upgrading Kodi 19.4 to 20.1 both Firesticks 4K and 4K max don’t always start without a stick reboot or restarting Surf shark . It does not happen all the time. After Kodi does start everything functions normally. I have tried a uninstall and then a reinstall but the problem persisted. I hate to go back to Kodi 19.4 which didn’t have this start up issue. Has anyone experienced this problem and come up with a solution?

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Check your available storage. Fire sticks don’t have a lot of memory. Might need to delete some things and pay attention to how many apps you have running in the background.

Thanks Jayhawks656:
Both Firesticks have 32GB USB expanded memory. I have just removed the Firestick power module and connected the Firestick to the TV USB so the Firestick will reboot every time the TVs are powered on. From my initial test Kodi likes to have a system boot on the Firestick so it starts correctly. Clearing the app Cache for Kodi in the Firestick app section seemed to help as well. But the power reboot is easer.

The USB on the TV should never be used to power a Firestick. The stick needs uninterrupted power and with the smallest fluctuation there will be problems and issues. Firesticks should use the power brick and cable provided and plugged directly into house current. I always twin the remote to the tv and sound bar to turn all 3 on at the same time. One remote runs everything for me.

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