Kodi 20.1 and Planet Diggz

Hi everyone, is Planet Diggz compatible with Kodi 20.1? The reason for my question is that I downloaded Kodi 20.1 from troypoint toolbox, and from troypoint builds I performed the procedure of installing Planet Diggz, I repeated the build procedure 6 times, and every time the build installed was Diggz Xenon, during the build installation when I’m requested to chose the build there is only Diggz Xenon and not Planet Diggz as shown in the troypoint build instructions, my device is Nvidia Shield, any advise on how to get the Planet build? Thank you.

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I have not seen a Planet build. I know in past months the developer has added and removed builds. Xenon works fine at the 1.9 version on Kodi 20.0. The developer seems to be refining Xenon as a more stable build than say 9 months back. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply. I downloaded Planet on one of my Nvidias, I liked it, it was a solid build and easy to install, so I tried to install it another device and couldn’t find it, so if this is the case I’m going to download Xenon and use it, as I did in the past before the Planet.

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I just received a firestick with KODI 20.1 could you help me with the source because I like to delete it and down load it again but I do not know a source it has magic some thing I can not even get that back this 20 I can not get any thing at all on it

I tried to reinstall Planet Diggz about two or three weeks ago. The original URL for the build didn’t seem to work; however there was another build location in one of the search returns. I was settling on Xenon because I hadn’t found the Planet Diggz repository location. I defaulted to the Xenon build as a substitute. During the installation step where you specify the build choice, I looked carefully through the build choices and found one for Planet Diggz. I chose it and the wizard installed it. So, I still am able to use my favorite build. I hope this helps (I don’t remember the specific URL but I’ll bet it’s still on the Internet).
I do have trouble with the build when watching sports, especially in Europe. I get freezes (buffering) and outright drops now and then. Sometimes the app will restart and sometimes I have to find another app to start in order to continue the sports event that I’m choosing. That’s very time consuming.
Also, a new problem has arisen lately. Planet Diggz hangs when starting the first time; but, it starts fine with a second try.
Oh, I forgot to mention that I run Kodi on a Windows 10 system as a portable app’ on a flash drive. I have a number of Kodi builds on that flash drive in the portable format which is specified in the respective ‘shortcut’ to the kodi program within each Kodi build folder.

Hi, Wow I have the same exact problem did the chef diggz build and NO PLANET DIGGZ! I was able to install it on my other smart tv in the next room lol! So why not on my other TV? Makes no sense! The TV WITHOUT THE ANDROID BOX IT INSTALLED GREAT! THE TV WITH THE ANDROID BOX IT DID NOT? WHY?

Diggz posted a notice on either 12/24 or 25 stating he was now only going to have a Debrid only Version and a seperate “Free” Version. It was a lengthy message i dont remember the entire details but that was the jist of it. It doesnt show up in the “notification” section of the wizard but it was there the other day on start up.

Unless he changes his mind (and he has in the past) this is what is being offered right now.

My guess is you downloaded the old version of the wizard before the change and got the newer version on the other device after the change. If you downloaded Plant Diggz it stayed on the first device but the wizard probably wont have it anymore.

I haven’t updated yet so i cant say how the new versions are. I use debrid so i dont think it will change too much for me.