Kodi 19.5 Matrix

I have currently a stable version of kodi 19.5 is it worth downloading the Matrix Version?

I have it on my windows 11 laptop and some apps don’t work, like magic dragon, Asgard, Crew, LOOP,. I don’t know what it’s like on a Firestick as I’ve still got 19.4 on mine.

All versions of Kodi 19 are “Matrix”. Not sure what you are asking(?)

None of my Addons worked with 19.5… scoured the net to load 19.4 (which wasn’t easy) to get back up and running.

If you can get the 19.4 version it’s better, because some apps don’t work with 19.5…

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I checked my version is Kodi 19.2

I checked my version is 19.2

Is there anyway to downgrade on a pc back to 19.4? I’m also having issues with kodiverse, magic dragon, asgard and the crew with 19.5

Yes, uninstall and reinstall 19.4 you can get the different versions.

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I can only download an apk for older versions and i need an exe. File since i run kodi through windows

Older versions are on kodis website.

Thanks, i didn’t scroll down far enough!!!

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