Kodi 19.4 Update Fail

After updating Kodi to 19.4, I was greeted with the following… OAuth token is required for access
Below that are these instructions… An OAuth is required for access, go to ‘settings’ - ‘Login’ - ‘get OAuth token’ to generate one

I have looked throughout the entire Kodi build and cannot find the path described above. Need help!!!

Sorry Kryten, but follow TP-Dracoo’s link on how to disable the Oauth Token. It’s part of the Twitch add-on, so you click the main menu ‘ADD-ON’ then select ‘My Add-ons’ then ‘all’ and finally scroll all the way down till you get to Twitch and tap that to bring up the Twitch add-on menu. Scroll down to disable and disable it. Done. Problem solved!!! Many thanks to TP-Dracoo!!!