Kodi 19.4 Not Working

Is Kodi 19.4 working for anyone? I previously ran Kodi 19.1 on FireCube with Nord VPN. Recently I started having some issues. I had to clear cache, force stop and relaunch Kodi each time I watched a TV show. I finally upgraded to 19.4, the latest version of Kodi and updated my addons (Oath & Crew) now everything is worse.

  1. Both addons return mostly Paid sources (RD), which I’d never seen this before. I even went into settings to make sure Oath excluded those sources and they still show up.

  2. When I choose a source it says Oath is Resolving and it will do so for every source on the list, an excruciatingly slow process.

  3. After the long wait I either get “No Streams” or “One or more items failed to play” error.

None of the workarounds I used to do (clearing cache & providers, restarting Kodi) will work. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Because most free streams are gone or go very easily. Most wony even scrap for free libks anymore.

You should get real debrid. They would solve all of this.


The crew and oath working fine foe me.

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