Kodi 19.4 NAS Problem

I recently updated Kodi from 18.5 to 19.4. I had connected to a NAS attached to my Arris SBG6900 for movies and other downloaded material and it was working fine in 18. Since my upgrade to 19.4 every time I try to access it I get “Sofware caused connection abort” error message. I removed the link and tried to reinstall it but keep getting that same error message. Nothing has changed in my router and I can access the NAS on my desktop computer so it is up and running. It was real easy to set it up in 18 so I am wondering if there was some setting I missed. Everything else in 19.4 runs fine. I am trying to connect to smb://ARRIS-LGW that I sed before. The IP is smb:// and I tried that also. Thanks

@Hanks132 Hi

Sorry for my silly question, are you using putty in NAS to connect?

Because Sofware caused connection abort
error message is common in network connection error when connecting through putty.

Also when u unplug the power cable.

Reconfigure save and restart and no hard reboot

Suggestions and issue thread to read.


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I am not familiar with putty in this context. I have Kodi 19.4 on the same Firestick 4K that had Kodi 18. Nothing changed except the Kodi release. I just cannot add the NAS.

Thanks I’ll go through that thread.

Did you read the article I linked to? There are many suggestions to correct the issue depending on your setup. Lol. was typing at the same time as you. Sorry I can’t give you an exact fix as there are to many factors. The thread is long but full of help.


Putty is a software for connecting to a server, with this software you can access your server.

In your first comment you mentioned upgrade from 18 to 19.4, did you update to 19.4 or clean install. The best way is to clean install

If the kodi 19.4 icon visible from your windows
Select it go to settings> apps> kodi> select auto run. Restart

You can always try this from Kodi wiki


I updated, not a clean install. And it is on my Firestick 4K. Everything else on the Firestick is running just as before… I’ll try your link and see what happens, Thanks

Yes, thanks. I am still reading it - long is right!

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