Kodi 19.4 Has flaws

Could you please put Kody 19.3 back Into the rapid app installer because 19.4 won’t play any of my favorites

What device are you using? What addons or builds? I have been using 19.4 since it came out with no problems.

NVIDIA Shield Pro. I suspect that Oath hasn’t been updated to work properly with 19.4 because Saran favorites work fine


As its not a major update virtually all addons should work just fine.

I havent used oath in a long time but as i recall you save to your favorites the same way you do in seren. I have used 19.4 without issues to saving. You could try uninstall and reinstall to clear and bugs.

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Hello @ak112154 I just added 19.3 back to the Rapid App Installer.


THANK YOU!!! I thought that would be a good, Just In Case precaution.


Troy, your fork uses 19.0 and I get the notice that I should update to 19.3. Any chance you will update your fork? Thanks

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