Kodi 19.3 Add On: Rising Tides Issue

Is Rising Tides a good add on for sports?
Does it work with Kodi 19.3?
For some reason unknown I can’t get it to add on???
I hope its easy to delete it out of Kodi and try and reinstall it again??

So my question is it good and work with Kodi 19.3?

Thanks everyone!!!


Don’t know if Rising Tides is compatible with 19.3. You can give Mad Titan Sports a try, it is compatible. It is loaded with live TV and sports.

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Works with 19. 3 great addon

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Hi Hgmartin,

Thanks for that info. This is wife issue.
Because she uses it on a old firestick she feels the only thing that works is Rising Tides.
Thanks again,


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Hi Paul0,
I can’t get it to work.
I am just learning how to do things.
Its hard for me to work around the skin.
Once I fig out how to shut off the skin then I am going to delete the one I thought I installed and install a new one.

Again Thanks

Don Holmes

I use kodi 19.3 without a build as recommended here and then add on single addons
The Crew
The Oath
For sports I use C:togosports

It is in where the monster lives repo

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Hi apoclines,

I have had about 3 or 4 other people well ma the same thing.
I just might do that.



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