Kodi 19.2 Update

Is available! Anyone installing this latest update??
I am…
Eta… strange how the notifications work. I just turned off Kodi/Shield and turned on Firestick 4k and boom… There’s the notification.


Still have .1 is there a update log? Any viable changes to this?

I will look into it later for sure. If it’s major performance changes I will get it.

Actually some good tweaks.

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Here is our post on the update. Kodi 19.2 Release with Bug Fixes, Download Links, & Update Instructions



Fantastic review thank you.

For me I don’t need this update so I will keep.it, but it might ne beneficial to others.

That review is very informative thank you.

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The update process on my Firestick was so seamless I thought I didn’t do it correctly untill I saw the new version listed in “System Info”.
OTOH, I just finished the update on my Shield and PVR IPTV Simple Client got booted, so I’m reinstalling that.
Go Figure…
I keep getting installation failed…
ETA: Got it installed

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