Kodi 18 disappeared on FS4k, now Kodi 19 locks up!

I had Kodi v18 installed on My Firestick 4k for about 2 years. It was working fine. Came home from work a couple of days ago, and my Firestick home screen had reset. I lost all my 3rd party addons like Plex, Kodi, Cinema, etc. In a frantic, desperate move I reinstalled the TroyPoint rapid app installer (which was also mysteriously missing as an installed app) and decided to try and install Kodi v19 (as v18 was outdated). To my surprise, it didn’t install a new version per-say, as it actually just updated the version that was apparently still there. When I went to launch it the first time, it took a while saying it was updating plugins and addons. Once up, a bunch of my addons were still there, and all of my favorites. Once I went to try to navigate around though, the screen would go black and nothing would work. Clicking the back button on the remote would take me back a menu but with some of the menu entries and icons missing. At this point, Kodi has completely locked up with no navigation working and I have to force reboot the Firestick. I have been unable to use Kodi in the last couple of days because every time I load it I experience the same results (eventual black screen and no further navigation).

To try to resolve this tonight, I went back to the TroyPoint Rapid Installer and tried to get the latest v18 instead. It downloads and appears to be trying to install, only to crap out saying the installer is corrupted. I don’t know how to fix this.

Is there a problem with the v19 build of Kodi? Is it because I installed over a pre-existing version? Anybody else having this problem and/or resolved it?

Hi @HanSolo77
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So, what we know is that the latest version of Kodi (19.3) has issues, centrally around Xbox, but in a rush to put out an update, several are having issues installing and getting Kodi to function properly on the Firestick.
So, I would completely uninstall, then go to Downloader and type in Troypoint.com/kodistable
to do fresh install of Kodi, then install your add-ons.

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