Km7 app install issue

I can install my 2 favorite apps cyberflix and media lounge and use them only for a little while. Cinema, typhoon and kodi work fine. After I add real debrid and my favs to cyberflix and media lounge I can watch tv and movies but when I turn off for the night they won’t work anymore. They show up in file explorer app but not with the rest of my apps in my app menu.When I click on it in my file manager I get an error “ can’t play or something like that “ I uninstall and reinstall but for some reason those 2 apps are the only problem. My playersklub iptv works fine as well. I can certainly get by with what I have but it’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Anyone know what the problem is? Thanks in advance

Hi @Capgeo
Try force close and clear cache for the two apps in question. Then unplug and let if set for 5-10 minutes. Then plug it back in and see if that doesn’t help.
Others may have other suggestions, which are worthy to try as well.

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Not sure where to do that on the km7. I know how on the fire stick but only options I see are open, move, remove from fav, info and uninstall. Is there a manage my apps that I’m missing?

I found it, I’ll give it a try and let you know. Thanks

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Still there, can’t say for sure until tomorrow but hopefully that fixed it. I’ll post tomorrow if it’s still working. Thanks

Thanks for your help, seems to have solved the problem.

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