KM6 Deluxe - Launcher Manager Issue

Those of you that have the Mecool KM6 Deluxe, have you ever been able to get Launcher Manager to work? I tried a long time ago and it didn’t allow me to disable stock launcher and enable booting with a custom launcher. I ended up using Leanback Launcher and haven’t tried in the past year or more. I really want Wolf or ATV Launcher on these boxes, but can’t figure out the LM issue. Has anyone figured this out? I was thinking maybe there was a setting I always missed, or maybe extra ADB work I would need to do. I would be grateful for any ideas, as I’m stumped lol.

This is so frustrating. I have done so much searching, and even tried different versions of LM…a few from TDUK. USB debugging is on, it seems like it would work, but the stock launcher never gets disabled for the custom launcher I have loaded. My OCD is getting the best of me lol.

If anyone cares, here is an update. I tried everything I could think of to get Launcher Manager to work. No success. I just don’t understand why it will work on a Shield and other devices, just not a Mecool (android 10). If anyone thinks of anything else to try, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. I ended up going back to Projectivy Launcher, as that is the only one who will change the startup launcher.

(I even tried to use Projectivy as the Launcher Manager for another launcher like ATV, but no dice there either)

on my 1st cup of coffee, but here goes…Ive neve had issues with launcher manager on any mecool box but with that said nIm not using one right now. Well I have a km2 with wolf up and running by someone else but I might get shot if I attempt to look at it :rofl:… I wiil check my km6 later today and see what I can find. I do know wolf is on it and never an issue and if I remember correctly I used ultimate launcher manager but let me check on that because if I remember its a dangerous app to use. Anyhow check permissions of launcher manager and wolf and grant any and all access.

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From all the research that I’ve done, I keep hearing about this Launcher Manager “Ultimate”. I can’t find anything about it recently, like it was a thing for a short time and then went away? Was it supposed to fix issues that regular LM has?

It was made by the same people but was never really put out because it can brick a device if you do it wrong. I have used it twice with success but only on a box I could afford to lose if things went wrong. So im sure I have a copy of it somewhere but honestly with projectivy and no need for a manager I am slowly moving all my boxes to that launcher.

I agree, the ProjectIvy is nice just for the fact that it is it’s own Launcher Manager. I’m just confused why LM won’t work but ProjectIvy launcher can shut down Stock and default itself as the main launcher.

yea projectivy uses the inbuilt accessibility functions to disable and enable the launcher and a rather genious way to circumvent the stock launcher.

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Why isn’t there more software that does this? I wish I was a developer, I would try to create it lol.

ok, back home :grinning:

Km6 fired right up to the wolf launcher. And it does appear im using launcher manager ultimate. (v 1.0.1) this file is located in my private >>>stash<<<

It does work but can be difficult. I thought I posted about using it here on Troypoint a long time ago but I cant find it. But if I remember correctly after you run it and it appears to time out or isnt responsive(wait about 10 minutes) DO NOT hit power on the remote or for that matter nothing on the remote. After 10 minutes unplug the power connector from back of box, wait 1 minute a plug it back in. Now if everything goes as planned wolf will default in
to launcher and stock launcher is gone(disabled) Be safe and no guarantees here.

Gee whiz, that sounds intrusive and risky. :sweat_smile: I was hoping someone had developed a better way since that had come out. Im still confused why a Mecool, Android 10 device would take all that to make it work, but Shield would be perfectly fine using regular Launcher Manager.

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Mecool could care less what you do after you purchase it…no updates ever :joy:

Personally if I was you I would use projetivy launcher due to its under active development and just works.

That is what I currently have on my KM6s now. It is decent, and I really love the all-in-one launcher system. I think my trials with KM6 and LM is more about hating NOT to be able to do something lol. It appears, I’ll have to quiet my brain down and just accept the fact there isn’t a good way to do what I was trying to do.

yea, when I did that to my km6 I had the shiel up and running, figured if I bricked it I would just let it blend in with the furniture, maybe a high dollar coaster :crazy_face:

I installed Projectivy launcher on the km6 and it looks like they really beefed up the wallpaper selection and icon size selection for groups. To be honest I could put the km6 and shield playing the same movie and odds are you couldnt tell which was which :grimacing:

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