KM6 Deluxe (4GB +64GB) remote control faulty, home button not working

Greetings Community,

I purchased this device some time ago and just got around to using it. After setting up the device the home button located between the back button and the Google talk button does not work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you try a factory reset to see if that helps it?


Appreciate the prompt response, no I didn’t. I figured that would affect the device directly and not the remote.

I will give it a go.


I’m just saying it could help. Plan B I was going to offer what I did for my wife’s KM6 in the bedroom. It came with a remote that wasnt near as responsive as my other KM6’s remote. So i got her this

Thank you,

I will look into the remote.


THIS Works very well with the mecool devices…if you can wait on the slow boat :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the info,

Try re pairing the remote if you haven’t.


Not really sure how to do that, never had to pair the remote in any of the other models…


Try pressing the OK button at the same time as the side of the volume button. Hold it for a few and see if that works.

try dropping them an email:

This is a remote I recommend:

$15.70CAD hard to beat that.

I just realized you already suggested the same remote. LOL. Well if you don’t mind waiting my price is better. LOL

It is a terrific little remote! Air mouse function too. How would we buy it from you? Using that link?

I currently don’t have stock but will be ordering more soon. But he can purchase from that link.

the 1st ONN remote works my KM2 as well as the remote that came with it.

Well if your price beats $11.99 US with no tax or shipping I’m interested.

If u can get for that grab it !!

Not sure why, but there was a $3 off coupon or something, so mine was $8.99. Figured at that price I had to order it lol.

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