KM2 = a dud --- worst box of 7 I've owned so far

Anyone here has come to know Troypoint as a reliable source for info and tutorials and I feel the same.
In May I read the Troypoint review of the KM2 giving it a 4.7 out of 5.
I had been wanting to replace an aging, but working MXIII 4K box, so I ordered one.

I believe the box Troy reviewed worked as advertised and I simply got a dud.
I’m ticked at Mecool for not owning the defect and replacing it.

It arrived early in June and was a snap to set up, but it the video was glitchy.
The video would black out for a sec or 2, then come back. Sometimes once an hour, more often once a minute or more.
Though I had no issues setting it up, I thought maybe I beefed up transferring my wifi and google info from my phone. (A nice included setup feature on the box, by the way), so I factory reset and went through it again following the video from Troy step by step.
Same issue.
Hmm, I contacted Mecool (ahem) support. I wasn’t expecting much from a Chinese manufacturer, but I thought Mecool was a brand, maybe they would actually provide support.
Oh yeah, within a week I had an emailed response. - Try a factory reset.
I did that twice already - no joy — what else do you suggest?
2 weeks go by- send us a video — Okay, I’m away for 3 weeks, but will do & I did when I got back and heard … crickets…
Hey, did you get the video I sent of the glitches? — Yes and have sent it to our tech dept.
What’s happening?? — Chinese National Holiday - will get back to you next week.
They don’t, so I follow up again and the response. — Disable Developer Options ---- Okay, done still glitchy, reset again and did not enable Developer Options - still glitchy. What now?
I believe they will continue to string me along with pointless and ineffective “fixes” until I give up and go away.

I’ll hook up my old MXIII for now until I decide on another box, but it won’t be a Mecool product .
Fool me once…

Ouch…sounds like you definitely got a dud…sorry to hear that. I got a KM6 via Banggood a few months ago & have not had any problems…knock on wood. Maybe contact Troy & see if he has any pull…? Also, maybe check out others (with large followings) that received from & reviewed MeCool products & see if they have any pull with the company. GL2U…

That does sound like lemon. Sorry man.

Km2 is the only mecool Netflix certified right?

I didn’t know contacting Troy was an option and not sure how to do that.
I was kind of hoping he might see the OP and comment


You can always msg him on here.

I’d try to exchange the box. Your the first person I know to have these issues. I’m sorry you are.

Dracoo, The KM2 is Netflix and Prime certified, not sure about the other mecool boxes.
I used both NF & P on the box and the glitching was the same.
I have no prob with either viewed direct on my smart TV.
I run the box thru a home theater and the TV is std audio.
So if I want to watch a movie, I have the option to annoy the whole house or not :wink:

Obviously, your problem could be who knows what…but in my past experience dealing with cable boxes/modems/routers…the intermittent glitches you’re referring to sound like hardware problems to me, not software…connection cable failing or internal component intermittently malfunctioning due to overheating or just faulty part/s. I couldn’t find a diagnostic program on my MeCool & you probably don’t have one either…so sending it back seems to be the best option. If they don’t honor a return, maybe reach out to your CC company or if you used PayPal…they both have good refund policies in the event the vendor is not responsive…in other words, they have the hammer, as the payments go thru them. GL…

Thanks for the input.
I didn’t think of my other hdwr failing as everything worked fine with the box I swapped it for.
I did try 2 different HDMI cables that I know work other than the one that shipped w/box, no joy.
Just got an email from them this evening and they will refund or replace, but I have to pay shipping.
Just waiting to find out where I have to ship to.
Thinking I don’t want a replacement as it’s left me sour on MeCool.

Roger all that…if you do get a refund & are not completely soured by MeCool products…this is where I got mine. Besides Hong Kong, they do ship from Canada & one or two models even ship from the USA. Their refund policy looks pretty good too (scroll to bottom of page) & all shipping would be on our side of the pond. Personally, before totally writing them off, I’d ask the board what they think of MeCool…you just might have been the 1 in a hundred or thousand that got the lemon. Just a thought…& full disclosure…I have absolutely no affiliation with them…ha ha…but very happy with mine.

Yes the km2 is the only certified Netflix. All others are just widevine/ Google certified.

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Try turning off hdmi adaptation. If you like you may send me the video and I will try to help with solution. Videostrong is actually a decent company. However, with the current wold issues it has been very difficult to communicate with them.
Sounds stupid, but have you tried a different hdmi cable?

Had a similar problem with km3 solved problem by running apps with software dacoder not hardware decoder give it a try I thought it was a hdmi lead issue but the above solved my issue.


Hardware acceleration on video players is a absolute must.

That could very well be his problem. I’d try making sure to try what was stated.

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