KM 6 Bluetooth remote issues

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I have searched in vain for firmware for KM6 deluxe Mecool box and nothing even on official Mecool site. The problem is wireless drop out( ir function still works ok) when using remote you can reboot by unplugging power supply and it resets but it is annoying when it happens.

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Hey @billthesage Got a Deluxe also…go into your apps…it’s the app with the blue dot & 2 white arrows…it’ll say update when you hover cursor over it…open it for OTA update…of which there aren’t any at present…it’ll say it’s the latest version. :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi pangaetech
Thank you for your very quick reply.
Yes you are correct it says its up to date so I will have to live with the problem until a new update is available.

I’m hardwired so I’ve not experienced your wifi problem…maybe someone else with a KM6 will chime in. Question: how did you come to the conclusion it’s the firmware that’s causing it? Have you looked into your router for possible settings problems? I seldom unplug my box…maybe once a month…but I will reboot my router & box together, sometimes daily…just to get a fresh reconnect.

Edit: Went to a wifi connection on mine to see if I get any drops…

I think you may have the wrong idea about my problem its the box is unpairing the remote on wireless it is ok on infra red. It only happens once a week maybe and rebooting the box fixes the issue.

You’re right @billthesage I misread your post…sorry about that…senior moment :roll_eyes:

I haven’t had that problem with my KM6 remote, or any other, so I’m kind of at a loss. I would suggest starting another topic with Remote Drops Bluetooth Pairing…or something such as that. That might be a problem more Insiders have experienced than with a KM6, & more suggestions may follow. GL2U




Might want to try contacting there support or try to. Also just turn off bt turn on again and re pair.

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I have paired remote again a couple of times but it still drops out. It is easier to reboot box and it works again. Its not a huge issue but a little annoying. I have tried to contact Mecool about this issue but no answer yet.

I sent Mecool support an inquiry about my km7. They never answered. So don’t expect one.

Yes I wont be holding my breath.

Hey @billthesage et al…Peeps also complaining about unpairing of WallyWorld’s ONN 4K AndroidTV 10 box. They put out a patch in Jan of this year to supposedly fix it…but from what I’ve been reading, it didn’t work. I just picked up one of these boxes yesterday & had no problems with the remote unpairing, until my cable went out for a few hrs this am & when it came back on my KM6 remote was fine but my ONN one was dead till I held the home/back buttons down for a few seconds…my screensaver was on so I didn’t see any prompts for pairing from that screen…I just pressed the 2 buttons & voila’…home screen came back up. Long story short…I have no idea what’s going on with MeCool, ONN or AndroidTV 10…but at least WallyWorld is working on the problem I hear…Mecool, not so much. Been a long time since we’ve gotten an update for the AndroidTV 10 O/S in these boxes. :confused: :cowboy_hat_face: GL2Us

Yes its a strange one but Mecool are not bothered about it. Hopefully it will be resolved eventually.

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