Kingdom of the planet of the apes

Just watch this movie at the theater. Good movie entertaining I liked it. At first I did not understand the plot but it finally kind of flowed with it at the end.


do you have to watch all the other Ape Movies the past 40 years to understand what is going on? I’ve seen most of them (Not all of em) but it’s been many years. I’m waiting for it to come out on KODI (Non Cam Version)

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There’s some good quality video rips but the language is Russian or Hindi or Spanish,won’t be much longer till English is released.

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This installment of the franchise post dates the time of Caesar, right?

Introduces a new lead ape character?

I feel like the new remakes are starting to get watered down.

No, why don’t u explain it to me since ur such an expert on apes!

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Yeah and where does Mark Wahlberg’s version fit into all this!

I was hoping you would explain it to me! There’s been like 50 Planet of the apes Movies and I stopped watching them about 20 years ago. But might check this one out when it’s a non Cam version.

Anyways I guess neither one of us is experts. I believe they tried to blend in the original planet of the apes with Charleston Heston, and also the one with the virus that killed off most of the humans and made the apes smart. It was entertaining though.!

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The Wahlberg version - I think Tim Burton directed it, was as bad as the final season of Game of Thrones.

It succeeded with giving us updated cinematography and visuals in exchange for bastardizing the original versions storyline.

So Wahlberg follows the NASA chimp into a wormhole that sends him thousands of years in the future, but unlike the original where it was always Earth that the story navigates through, this one had Wahlberg actually warping to an alien planet.

That’s the one in the end where Wahlberg found and flew back through the wormhole again to Earth, but instead of his normal timeline universe, he fell into a different alternate universe where instead of seeing Pres Lincoln memorial, it was a monkey sitting in Abraham’s place.

The original movie, he stumbled onto a semi buried statue of liberty, exposing that he was on Earth all along. Burton decided to stray away from the idea and just went with the idea. :persevere:

I hated that movie.

I did like the NASA chimp though. :hugs: