Jailbroken Firestick – Should You Buy One? What to Know

This guide covers everything you need to know about a Jailbroken Firestick.


Pretty solid advice for people who are comfortable with technology and don’t mind or enjoy tinkering streaming devices and/or computers.

What about those who aren’t?
The Insider forum probably wouldn’t reach those people’s eyes, but I suspect some of us have had a friend or two ask about buying “jailbroken” Firesticks.
Beyond “don’t buy”, what advice would you offer?
I’ll start:
-Buy local, don’t buy online.
-Ask whether a RD sub is included.
-Ask if Kodi is installed with a solid addon.
-And ask about Stremio or Cinema.
-If they’re looking for live TV, ask how that will be accomplished.
-What happens when an app or add-on no longer works? Does the seller offer “reprogramming” support, and what’s the charge?

Finally get a thorough lesson on how to navigate on the device.

Edit: I forgot to add, You probably want a VPN!

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One major point imho you overlooked or maybe just not aware of. If you are going the preconfigured route, be sure to purchase a stick from Amazon.com, they have the top of the line programming. Steer clear of amazon.ca or amazon.com.mx sticks. So, for my location, that rules out entirely the buying local.

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I always say ask a friend…or a friends teenage kids to help :joy:…under 30 its like a second language to them

I was talking about purchasing a ‘jailbroke’ stick, Miki…I wasn’t aware that Amazon sold those!

I had a couple of my buddies buy ‘jailbroke’.

One tried both Ebay & a local computer store. His experiences with both were not great. Cost me a bunch of time trying to help him.

The other lives in Myrtle Beach and bought one there in a local shop. His experience has been very good. It came with a prepaid IPTV service and Cinema (IIRC), plus Pluto installed. When things have gone south, his vendor offers ‘reprogramming’ for $25…which is more than we’d pay, but he’s still way ahead in terms what he would be out otherwise.

I was also talking about a jailbroken firestick. I didn’t mean that Amazon sold them. What I meant was to make sure that they are firesticks purchased from amazon.com not from Amazon.ca or amazon.com.mx if you intend on purchasing a jailbroken one from “Anybody”.

Ahh, OK…I misunderstood what you had said.

Sorry elginherd. It wasn’t exactly clear. My bad.

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