Jailbreak Firestick 4k MAX

Will the jailbreak instructions work with the new Firestick 4k MAX?



Thanks for the rapid response. What about the Fire TV Cube, can it be jailbroken also?

@ElDrDosManosCaliente did you even click on that link that @MCat took the time to post for you ?? I believe in the first couple minutes it tells you it will work on ALL Fire devices. click the link then table of contents then you’ll see 1.1 video tutorial, Troy says in the first 15 seconds it works on all sticks cubes fire TVs etc… I’m not trying to be rude but if someone takes the time to try help at least take the time to explore said help. Have a great day

Bam :boom:


So yes then, thank you.

Well depends if you got a firestick or cube from Turkey, Iran, the south/north poll or USA different depending where you got it.If Santa’s elves made it it’s probably already jailbroken, unless “Buddy The Elf made it you’ll have to clean all the maple syrup outta the device first…….Maybe watch the tutorial.


Only a joke for those now searching their device for where it was manufactured :joy::joy: