Jail break not working on new Firestick

New 4k Firestick will not allow “jail Break” now what?

How did you try it?
If you never tried it this way I would recommend it.
Open downloader in the url type.
See if that works, if not… how did you originally try?

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Can you please give us more details. What did you try? Are you saying that going into settings>my fire tv>Developer Options. ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources aren’t there?


I went to “how to jail break” and followed the instructions a couple of times. When going to allow from other sources, I did not get the “download” pictured so that I could turn on

No, it is there, but when turned on the “downloader” pictured was not there to “turn on”.

It downloaded kodistable" bur would not download the “drx” file. said “not allowed”

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I think you need to take a look again at this guide.

Need to turn it on for the Downloader this explains it. Also @Miki is on point.

I think there is a step being missed here.

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followed it a number of times, the biggest thing is when I went to "turn on from other sources, I click ON, but the “Downloader” was not there to turn on. Downloaded kodistable ok but would not download the “drx” no allowed

OK mate i’m assuming you have downloader installed.
So this is the procedure I use for installing Kodi.
1: Go to My Fire TV>Developer Options and turn on “ADB Debugging” and “Apps from unkown sources”
2: Come out of that launch Downloader and type in the URL troypoint.com/kodistable
3: That will download Kodi for you, and give you the option to install.
4: when it gets to the stage of “allow” or “deny” click allow.
5: That’s it you should be good to go.

when I went to turn it on from unknown sources, I did not see “downloaded” there to turn on

No you don’t.
Just close that page and launch downloader, if need be launch the Apps and select downloader from there.

When you go to “manage installed apps” are you saying that “downloader” does not show up in that list? Can you take a screen shot of your installed apps screen to show us?

Thats what I think he’s saying, hence i;m trying to get him to launch it from the apps.

I think I got it, thanks!!!

downloaded Cimama ok, but went to download oceanstreamz, got Error: URL needs authorization. this is not supported


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As mentioned in the other topic, use unlinked password 12341234.

That should help.

on my fire cubes you have to turn on the allow for each downloaded app ie tell downloader its ok to allow its no big deal just more than once like the old sticks


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