IVACY VPN Ever Used It or know anything about it

Anyone ever used or heard of IVACY VPN to access any content you can think of?


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Yes i have heard of it but i havent used it. Dont always believe claims that this vpn will let you access all these paid services anywhere. The ones it lists on the websites are geolocked, And it will take more then a vpn to access. It has come down to even having a Canadian cred card and bought sub? boom automatically placed in that region.

Vpns are great and you should get one to block your inet data or encrypt it. But make sure you do research first and dont buy one based on that.

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Thank You for that response. I am in the very process of researching. I am glad someone like yourself gave me a quick response.


It’s not a problem. I dislike dishonest claims.


This is a ipvanish supercharge guide along with discount code and review.

Troypoint has a excellent review of this vpn. But get what you feel is right for you and your budget.

I personally recommend ipvanish.

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I have ipvanish already but I am not sure how to use it beyond its original use.


That guide will help and there is alot of others.

Use the search function and type in ipvanish.

IMHO there are 4 top VPNs worth getting. They are not in any particular order. Research maybe boring but the more you know the better choices you make.

Proton ( paid)

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