Itvx app download on firestick

Has anybody tried downloading ITVX app

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Yes it works fine but lots of ads . You also need the app on your phone first and use that to activate the firestick version

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If ya just wanting it for catchup tv, use kodi with the catchup tv and more addon. It has stv in catchup section which has all itvx programs. Bonus is there is no ads when watching the catchup stuff.

That’s why I’m getting app not owned when I open then!?!

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I use kodi, where is this add on?? Thanx

I have downloaded the ITVX app but I am on the U.K. Amazon store. I would be grateful if someone coukd explain in more detail how to get catch-up tv on Kodi. Thank you.


You need to be in UK , it is in all App Store’s

Yes from the video I watched as long as you set ur vpn you should be able to get but that’s not happening. Thanx

You need a UK Amazon account

Are you trying to use the kodi addon?

I have been using BBC iPlayer, ITVX, Chanbels 4 and 5 for catch-up while I lived in tbe U.K. Now I have moved to the US I am interested in other ways of catching up. The Kodi add on looks interesting,thank you.

Not sure if it will work with a vpn but give it a go.

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I am in the US having just emigrated from the UK. I use ITVX with a vpn and it works fine.

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