It isn't just Amazon

Yes, some day in the near future people will begin to understand my stock android obsession :rofl:


Not me. I get it for sure. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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amazon wants to rule the world :grimacing:

Unless Amazon ponies up some major cash, I’m not giving up my throne.
Ooops sorry, wrong fantasy .:smiling_imp:

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Well - since this protection will be baked into Google Play Protect, using our current methods of disabling Play Protect would circumvent that…no?

We’re not talking toilets, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You may not even have a choice in disabling play protect.

The only option might be no google. On my ugoos I use 3rd party stores.


So I wonder if turning off updates will work if google messes with the OS.

You may not even have that option with his new OS.

So stock android is probably the best bet. But will that mess up shield users.

If it does. Then I will be the 1st one in line to buy a stock Android device.

Besides, there hasn’t been a Shield update in years.

Android OS is a Google IP.

If Google wanted to play a part in really neuter our ability to sideload or modify play protect settings - stock android wouldn’t mean much.

That being said - I’ve always been an active user of vanilla android - started with nexus devices and original OG vanilla android beta releases. But… Google is changing.

LineageOS – LineageOS Android Distribution

TX this looks interesting. It seems there’s almost always a work around

Question: So this fraud that they are protecting against attacks phone and pc’s? Where does a streaming device come in where there could possibly be fraud? I guess if you are buying stuff with your Shield, maybe?

Since it’s well known that people side load onto the devices they provide – and they provide the door to sideload – so wouldn’t shutting the door on their part be the real fraud? False advertising?

I think this is just speculation on someone’s part. These companies need, and rely on, developers to make Apps and to test any updates. It’s like a free pool of testers that find weak points and exploits in the code, that bad players can, and do, exploit. If this becomes fact then I assure you, it will negatively affect their bottom line, and shareholders certainly don’t want that.

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