Issues with kodi, need help

Having a problem that I’ve not had before. Hesitant to name the app (add on) if not appropriate here.

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Well not on the Kodi website forum, that’s for sure. You can discuss it freely here.

Which add-on is it and what version of Kodi is it?

Thanks for the reply. I’m using Kodi v19.4 and the app is FOD on fire stick4k.


So, is it a kodi addon or or a different app then kodi?

I’m guessing it is the Fights on Demand Kodi add-on.
How to Install Fights on Demand Kodi Addon: Watch fighting competitions (

Food On Demand
Films On Demand
Fights On Demand
Flights On Demand
Frogs On Demand

I gave up guessing :exploding_head: :bug:

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Frogs on Demand?



Flights on demand is in the narcacist repository, along with Asgard and magic dragon.

What is the problem you are having? We need a little more to go on. :face_with_monocle:

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Yes, I have been using it for quite a while now (at least one year). Lately I get an error but can’t make sense of the error log. Thanks for the reply.

Really so soon! What an imagination. C’mon keep tryin’

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