Issue with Analiti Speed Test?

In one thread last night we were posting about internet speed issues. I just checked all of our devices and Analiti is only showing 2mbps on all devices. I checked with 2 different apps, which showed approx the same speed on both which are our normal speeds. Just curious now if it’s an Analiti issue

Yes it is. The older version 2022.06.60835 shows the correct upload speeds.

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Thanks for that. I was really scratching my head last night thinking it was our internet. Too tired to check with at least one different one



Things to do in this case.

Use a browser based speed test, or, Get your readings and ping form them, Then use analiti and compare. If your browsers are more accurate the root issue may be the app.

There is other apps and tools to use, it’s possible there was some software during the update that is messing with how it gather your speed and internet data streams. Speedtest has the most servers.

Thanks @TP-Dracoo! After thinking in bed about it, I figured it would be best to do more tests which I did on all devices and there is something in Analiti. All showed 2mbps upload on the nose


I recently had modem issues through my suddenlink provider. The tech guy who came to my home offered to me; “that use of a speed test on your streaming device” is not as accurate as acquiring results from a cell, tablet, etc… which is not being used for streaming. Besides, i much like the results that i have gotten. Be safe all!

A speed test on the actual device in use is the most accurate you can get for that device. Just because a tablet can process a certain speed does not automatically mean this is what you are getting everywhere in your house and or other devices. All devices process according to their ability.

Is it just me or has anyone else not getting an upload speed test with Use to be you ran a test and hot both down and up, now I only get down.


I just ran it on my pc and get both

I no longer do on my phone, Android 12. I also no longer get upload speeds on my Max. Strange. Yup, download only. Going to download the app and see if that makes a difference.

I get both on each device i use, i dont use the app to often, you can also use, but speedtest has the best server range.

That’s all I got as well. Download speed

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could be that samsung has determined that you do not need to know the upload speed because we said so :joy:

Not starting a contest! I use the Ookia app and have relied on it for several years now. I’ll read your results. But, i LUV mine coz they’re FASTER! LOL :laughing:!

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I just ran it on my phone and my shield and I too only get the download option isn’t even in the menu. I know I used to get both :thinking:

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Yup, same here. Oh well the Fast site is accurate. Results are almost identical to my old Analiti that still works on my Max.

Yeah just tried fast pretty much same results

At least I get both down and up speeds.

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