ISP Making me go offline

I have been living at my residence for over 5 years now…just the last 6 month or so I’ve been going offline like could be 10 days 14 days 7 days don’t know if I’m jumping to conclusion,but I go offline intermittent my router is bridged with my ISP router and I know that they can un bridge on their end…it just seems odd to me since June 3 times so far last month was 5 times something very fishy


2 routers on one home network doesn’t make sense, unless you are using one solely as a bridge with routing turned off. If both are routing enabled, you may have a IP conflict that turns off the outside connectivity. Can you configure the one not connected to the outside ISP as a bridge only?


I’ve had my ISP bridged to my router for like 10 years and have never encountered any problem,reason why my personal router that’s bridged,Is so I can have more option then my ISP router. It has nothing to do with IP conflict. I have physically un bridged my router and use my ISP router to see if it was my router itself,but still goes offline…maybe 5 days 10 days a month maybe so something fishy to me

Hey @marko1965 Have you tried disabling your ISP gateway wifi & just hardwire to your router?

I had the exact same problem a few years ago while we were living in an apartment.
Is your ISP cable?
In our case it was aged & corroded connectors outdoors.
In a lot of locations, the RG-6 cables look like rats nests on the service pole.


I run two routers one in living room and one at other end of house to have the pool area covered. I had the same issue and it was the drop from the pole

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Yep…just depends on where you live & how well your cable plant has been kept up. I believe he said it still happened when he severed the bridge with his router…that’s why I’d like him to turn off the wifi on his ISP gateway device & connect straight to his router…if it stays connected, then the problem is the wifi/router part of his gateway…if it doesn’t work, it’s either the modem part or cable/connections or the ISP…& he can start working his way back to the connection at the house & then to the pole/pedestal…ISP…or get a tech out to do it.

This has happened to me twice with AT&T U-Verse. First time replacing the modem corrected the problem. Second time was a bad connection at the pole. Both were not situations I could correct myself. Give your ISP a call. :telephone_receiver: