Is the MYTVOnline3 client available for all Android boxes?

If so where can I download it?

I believe it’s just on Formuler. It’s their iptv app.

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It’s a locked app ONLY on fourmler. You can not get it on any other device. I do believe there was a clone app thats like it, but not the same thing at all

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It’s also only available on the Z11 series

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Yep as @Streaming429 stated only on their newest box the Z11 and thats a shame. They claim its due to hardware/software issues they cant make it avaliable on older boxes and I believe they just want sales of the newer box. But its their baby and they can toss it the way they want :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Or we can wait for a hack like the 2 version.


Personally I would like to tivimate integrated into a launcher with the same setup…would be pure joy :+1: :sunglasses:


Everywhere I read people say it’s a greed move. MYTVOL2 works great for me, but I’ve not personally used the 3

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Thanks for the info guys!