Is Terrarium down?

I was trying to watch Terrarium yesterday and every show that I attempted to watch, after picking my source, stated it had been shut down. I’m sorry if this has been discussed previously but I don’t have time to read all posts. Is this the case? Can I uninstall it and re-install it through the troypoint app?

Welcome @tbeets311. Terrarium has been unavailable for quite a while. If you have access to Troy’s rapid app installer, download and install Cyberflix and/or Titanium. Both are clones of Terrarium. You should have no problems using these if you’ve used Terrarium.


And Titanium? I enjoy it but have not used it for a few weeks because of lousy internet access while traveling. J

I have cyberflix but every time I choose a program I get “no data”. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it with same results, from troypoint app.

@strinjim I install all my apps using Troy’s rapid app installer. He provides links to the latest version of recommended streaming apps. I usually use Cyberflix but Titanium was working fine last time I tested it.

@tbeets311 do you use Real Debrid? Both Cyberflix and Titanium work best if you have a Real Debrid account. I’ve seen “no data” in the past when my Real Debrid account wasn’t activated.