Is Plex Pass worth it?

I know a lot of people here use Plex, I do too but so far only to store and view my personal library collection. I frequently get emails for the Plex pass, but as a cord cutter I am wondering if there are additional items required to purchase (like a cable or satellite subscription) to make it worth it…which of course would not be worth it, imo? Any insight on this topic is appreciated.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! I love Plex/Plex Pass so much. With the pass I can watch my home server on my cell too, and from anywhere.


Other options are Emby and Jellyfin. Emby is free to a point and Jellyfin is opensource/free. If you want simplicity look at channelsDVR…not free but very nice.

Have a life subscription if memory serves me. Now to resurrect my Synology NAS. Nothing major ever stored but want to get both working again because I liked the service until a bump in the night crashed a drive on the synology that tests fine but will no longer join a pool. And new drives at 20TB are one letter off of the Synology supported list. Guess I could go with a Qnap and worry about security!

Thank you that was very helpful.

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Just came across 20% Lifetime Pass expires tomorrow.

Thats a good deal, I think I picked up my emby lifetime on sale for about the same.

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