Is nord vpn blocking my add ons

ive had issues for some time with kodi add ons.they work for a while then stop streaming programmes ive been happened with ghost, the crew, and now scrubs.after trying everything i could think of,i turned off my vpn (nord) and i was able to stream a series i had been watching again.I dont really want to watch without vpn so any advice on settings would be appreciated. ive tried changing connection to different countries but thats not worked either,cheers

I’ve found that (sometimes) changing your vpn connection to a different country makes a difference… :sunglasses::call_me_hand:

as I said ive already tried that. ive tried countries nearby (eu) and further afield like usa. cheers

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Sorry, I should have read your post thoroughly before replying. :grimacing::call_me_hand:

NordVPN does not affect my addons at all. I have been using Homelander, Promise for some time now with very minimal problems.

defineately nord.tried different countries last night and got no streams. disabled nord and got 9 streams of which the first one worked.not sure ive tried homelander.tried pretty much everything else.havnt got real debrid (dont understand it ) cheers

Crazy how Nord poses no issues for some, but major issues for others (same goes for all vpn’s)…

FWIW I’ve been using KODI for over 6 years without a VPN. No issues whatsoever

yes.I downloaded a free vpn just to try and watch the programmes i wanted and it worked. tried nord again and nothing.just goes to show you dont always get what you pay for.

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I have used NordVPN for a years. I have used Kodi for years on Firestick. Currently I am using ONN. I only use the system for Movies and TV. I have NordVPN sideloaded for use with Kodi because NordVPN recommended and provided it. That seems to be true regardless of the platform, Firestick or ONN. I do not use the sideload for anything else. I use standard NordVPN for regular computer traffic.
I have found that NordVPN works better on different servers. I live close to Denver, but my best connections are via servers in Chicago. Both cities are on the primary fiber providers backbone. It did take a little effort to find a couple of Chicago servers that consistently performed well. For some reason that is not the case with my closer servers. I experimented with several closer servers over a few weeks first.
I have never had a reason to suspect NordVPN was blocking my traffic, just getting subpar connections with the underlying fiber providers. I have had reasons to open tickets with them and they have always done a good job of resolving my issues.